Why is Merbau Better Than Treated Pine For Your Decking?


We have many clients that ask us what the difference is between a merbau decking and a treated pine decking. See below all the reasons why you should build your decking out of merbau:

- Merbau is rot resistant meaning that your decking is highly unlikely to fall apart like a treated pine decking

- Merbau is a hardwood so is therefore stronger where as treated pine is a softwood and tends to rot if left untreated

- Merbau is easier to work with when building your decking because it is a hardwood it means that it is fairly straight and remains that way for a long time. Treated pine can buckle and twist with the elements and tends to have half the life span of a merbau decking

- As treated pine warps it means that the final finished decking won't look as nice because there can be different sized gaps. It also means that sometimes the wood doesn't fit together neatly.

- Merbau is easier to maintain for your decking as one coat of oil and you are done for 3 years (dependent on the type of oil purchased) whereas you need to paint a treated pine decking at least once a year

- Merbau decking is the cheapest of the hardwoods

- Merbau decking although a little more expensive to begin with, is better value for money as it lasts longer and needs less maintenance than treated pine


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